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After being on the gel for a couple of months the pain in my neck and back is 70% gone (I have scoliosis). I cant feel the nodules on my thyroid anymore. My sciatica nerve pain is gone. I have more energy. I sleep great and I feel so much more happier. My skin and hair looks healthier, younger and more vibrant. My muscle tone and definition looks better as well. 

​February 12 th, 2019

Melanie Menendez


I stopped taking my glucosamine because my joints are feeling better. I have more energy. My body is more toned and I feel happier.  I've only been using the gel for 3 months.

February 11th, 2019 



I never write reviews however, I am so surprisingly amazed at what the gel has done for me I could not help myself but to let you all know as well.  I have chronic pain issues and some major health issues. Ihave basically spent the last seven years bedridden off and on and only out of bed maybe 4hrs a day.  Due to the lack of immobility I went from a healthy 155 pounds to a whopping 225 pounds. My pain is never under a level 7 out of 10 on a daily basis and therefore causes me severe depression as well.  I  also have borderline narcolepsy. I take Adderal for it but I was currently on 14 prescriptions all together.

In the first week of taking the gel I began to have the most vivid dreams in color imaginable and my sleep routine was finally stabilized to a normal 7 to 9 hours without waking up every hour in pain.

By the third week I dropped 6 pounds in five days my hair has began to grow tremendously fast and so have my nails. Believe it or not I had to get a different prescription for eye glasses because my eyes had actually gotten better.

I went from wearing bifocals to just a light single vision lenses now and  I look forward to see if any other changes happen.

I am now in to my fifth week and have lost 9 pounds.  The debilitating Pain I suffer from has gone down so much that I use half of the pain medication that I normally do.

I have been able to get off all of my sleep medications and I only take Adderal once in a great while now for the borderline narcolepsy.

I have so much more that I could go on and on about: my skin, my focus and attention, The uplifting feelings I feel every day and i am no longer suffering depression, I am off my BP meds and the thing I love most and most of all I am down to just eight prescriptions a day and working on weaning off more.

I have also been experiencing extreme menopausal issues that cost me anywhere from 1-3 soaking sweats a day. Since i've started the gel I have not had any.

My anxiety that manifested it self on a daily basis due to my pain and depression has now subsided and all in all I can just say I feel like a brand new person. I realize it takes about six months to feel the full effects but to have happen what has already I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold!

Anyone can benefit from this stuff but if you have any concerns with energy, aging, depression, health issues weight problems anything like that I desperately advise you to try this product. You will not be disappointed!

February 16th, 2019

Terri A Lipe


I am 70 years old.  This is day 55 for me on the HGH Somaderm gel.  I use a pea size drop every six hours while I am awake seven days a week.  I have had amazing results.  The results are as follows:
·      My sleep has improved and I feel very rested when I wake up
·      I have started dreaming again after many years
·      The discomfort in my joints has almost completely gone away
·      Because of bone spurs on the bottom of my feet, I have not been able to walk without cushions insoles in my shoes.  I can now walk across my hardwood floors without discomfort
·      My eyesight has really improved and I can drive at night without seeing halos around street and headlights
·      My skin has become softer, smoother with smaller pores and better texture
·      I have had a large brown pigmented spot on my left facial cheek which has now almost completely gone away
·      The lines and wrinkles on my face have significantly decreased
·      My nails are growing faster and much stronger
·      My hair has become stronger, thicker and increased around hairline
·      My mood has greatly increased with an overall feeling of well being
·      My energy level has tremendously increased and I now have to make myself go to bed
·      My life long craving of carbohydrates has substantially decreased and I have lost  5 pounds without trying
·      My skin which has always been itchy and dry has normalized and I no longer itch all the time
·      Neck and lower back discomfort has plagued me for years and that has greatly improved
·      Problems with chronic sinus issues and congestion has gone away
·      Exercise work outs have become easier and recovery is much faster
·      Bowel dysfunction and irregularity has completely gone away
·      Finally my sexual libido at 70 has returned
I love this gel and I will always use it the rest of my life. I feel so good! Updated today Sunday November 11th 2018.

Testimony from Diane Swain

**This is my own personal testimony.  Results may vary from person to person.  Check with your licensed healthcare provider before starting the gel.**


*Improved sleep, no more waking up throughout the night
*Vivid dreams
*I wake up feeling refreshed, like I’m a kid again
*No more afternoon crashes, energy all day long
*Increased LIBIDO
*Decrease of body fat, leaner than ever
*Increase in muscle mass, shirts are all tighter in chest, back, and arms
*HUGE strength increase at the gym, 20% average across the board
*No more joint/knee discomfort…I now squat again and snowboard for the 1st time in 7+ years since my 4 knee surgeries
*Decrease in wrinkles (crow’s feet near eyes are literally disappearing)
*Increased mental clarity (think about that movie “Limitless”)
*Hair is thicker and fuller (if you can believe that, haha)
*Nails are stronger and growing much faster

March 26, 2018

Brian Meara
**This is my own personal testimony.  Results may vary from person to person.  Check with your licensed healthcare provider before starting the gel.**


I just left the dentist office, I am in shock and so is my dentist. At age 52 I have new bone growth under my teeth. In 2005 I had radiation bc of having thyroid cancer. I lost 3 teeth after that, and cracked many, at my visit 6 months ago he thought I might have to get an implant for another. Today he just stood there staring and puzzled at the Xrays from 6 months ago, vs. today, I grew new bone, my tooth is stronger, no need to treat. Has this happened to anyone else? FYI, I have been on the gel just under 2 month.
Toni Hassett
January 29th, 2019 

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