Belleza Spa Medical Spa in Centennial

Melanie Menendez

 The Owner

42 Yrs Old

Photoshoot: BAC Magazine

No Filters or Photoshop

Does Stem Cell Microneedling Every Month

Medium Co2 Once a year

Botox every 3mths

Filler every 1x  year

Uses: Sanitas, Vital Therapy, Vi Aesthetics

Eats According to her blood type

Works out 3-4 times a week

Takes a multitude of vitamins daily

Eats organic foods 

Soaks in epsom salt and essentials oils 1-2x a week

Uses Essential Oils Daily

Hot Yoga 1x a week



Lexi Hassel
Medical Esthetician

Favorite Service: Photofacial

Favorite Products: Vital Therapy Vitamin C, Sanitas Lemon Cream Scrub

Daily Skincare Routine: Uses lemon scrub every other day with glycolic cleanser. Uses Gentle cleanser every other day

Workouts 5 days a week

Eats a vegan diet

Eats according to her blood type

Gets a B12 fat burner shot once a week

Bailey Lundberg
Medical Esthetician

Favorite Service: Dermapen/Microneedling

Favorite Products: Glycolic Citrus Cleanser by Sanitas, Vital Therapy Serums

Daily skincare routine: I keep it simple and wash my face once a day with a gentle cleanser and use the glycolic cleanser every other day. I exfoliate my skin three times a week with a scrub and keep my pores clean with a clarisonic brush.

Kaelyn Fahrenbruch
Medical Esthetician

​Favorite Service: VI Peels

​Favorite Products: Anything VI aesthetics or emu oil

​Daily skincare routine: VI aesthetics products

​Works out 5 days a week​​

​Eats organic food

Sharla Griffiths
Dermal Fillers

Prp Plasma Injections


Johanna Nekvasil



Kayla Steele 

Part Time Esthetician

​Daily Skincare Routine: I use the Sanitas Lemon gentle cleanser twice a day along with a clarisonic brush to exfoliate twice a week. I use VI Aesthetics Retin A for blemishes and witch hazel once a day.

Gets photofacial/dermapen every 4 weeks

​Gets B12 shot once a week.