‚Äč‚ÄčOption 1

1 Vi Peel ($180)

2 Photofacials ($104 for both or $74 Each)

1 Vi Peel ($340 for 2 or $180 Each) 

Option 2

1 Medium CO2 ($612)

Option 3

 1 VI Peel ($180)

1 Photofacial ($74)

1 Microneedling ($75) 

1 VI Peel ($340 for 2 or $180 Each)

Option 4

Clearlift by Alma 

Retails at $350 our Price $110

Melasma is pigmentation that never fully goes away and reappears with sun exposure. In order to treat it, we can lighten it enough to look it is gone but the pigmentation will always come back. It is important to always do maintenance treatments when this happens. As for products, we have an entire section for melasma on our "Products" page. With melasma products it is important to always switch up your products because the skin can easily plateau with melasma.

Suggested Protocol for Treatment of Melasma and Sunspots