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Monthly Specials

Expires Novemere 30th, 2017

5% off cash payments or

20% off if you send a referral/client in

24hr notice for cancellations or there is a $50 fee


Clients ask all the time why our prices are so low. The truth is, I keep my overhead really low and instead of reaping all of the profits, I would rather give back to my clients and be able to provide services that they can afford.  Thank you for visiting our page and hope to see you soon!


NEW: Spend $250 or more at spa and receive a 

complimentary lunch for two at the Melting Pot


NEW:Spend $149 or more at spa and receive a 

$5 off coupon for your next visit.


New: Derma Pen and  Photofacial Combo



​ Eyebrow Waxing!!
Shaping and Cleanup $20
Cleanup $15

B12 Shots 

1 @ $25

Buy 4 Get One Free $100

B12 with Fat Burner


Buy 4 Get One Free $140


Vi Peel

180$  Face & Neck, Including aftercare (400$ value)
Hands & Neck  180$
Chest & Neck 180$
Full Arms 360$
Half arms 180$
Half Back 180$
Full back 360$


PRP Plamsa Microneedling Facial

Introductory pricing: $399 ($1000 retail)
Add on chest, neck or hands at treatment $100
 Package of 2:  $699
Package of 3:  $999


Vaginal Rejuvination

1 @ $289 ($1300 Retail)
​Inside Vaginal Cavity or Outside Labias

$589 for both


CO2 Laser Resurfacing

​Extra Light Treatment: $185 ($1200 Retail Price)

Light Treatment: $225 ($1400 Retail)
Medium Treatment: $589 ($2500 Retail)
​Deep Treatment: $899 ($5000 Retail)

Add on Hands, Neck or Chest for $150

Hands $185, Half Arms $225, Full Arms $450, Half Leg $450, Full Legs $899
Eyes: $125, 3@ 333



$450 Introductory Price, Includes touch up in 2 weeks, shaping of brow, and optional eyebrow tint 

Call to be put on the wait list

Call Trixie at 720-431-6177

Do you have excess fat under your


We can treat that with Kybella 
$575 a vial (average 2-4 vials) Regular $600 vial.

FAQ/ Before/ After Pics:


 Any Skin Tags, Raised bumps on skin $50 add on to any service 15m worth of cauterizing, $9

9 for 30m of Cauterizing


 $50: Add to any service
Back facials




Products used on hydrating days: lemon cleanser, witch hazel (toner), vitamin c serum, peptide serum, vitamin c moisturizer, sunblock, moisture mist, facial brush 

Products used on anti-aging day: glycolic cleanser, lemon scrub, witch hazel, glycotoner, vitamin a/glycolic serum, plastic surgery in a bottle serum, vitamin c moisturizer, sunblock, moisture mist, peptides

Once a week use an enzyme peel on anti-aging day

Botox every 3 months to prevent wrinkles

Filler 1-2 times a year for volume loss and  creases

-Every month: Derma pen and/ or Photofacial w/derma pen around the eye, neck, chest , hands


vitamin c, vitamin a (retinol), glycolic, and peptides

Tips of the trade:

Wear a hat, dont let the sun directly beam on you

Pores: use a wash cloth with your toners (gently in circular motion) and or a facial brush with a gentle cleanser daily

 Do you have melasma? dark patches of skin?

 Glycolic, Azelaic Acid , Vi Peel  are the best!

Blood Test: 

$35 , Blood type diet is important for maintaining weight, losing weight, reducing pinkness, preventing acne,broken capillaries and rosacea on the skin. It also helps prevent autoimmune diseases, arthritis, and digestive issues/ disorders.

Hydrochloric acid:

 Do you have broken capillaries? Pinkness and redness on the skin? Excessive sweating/body odor? Gain Fat easily on the stomach area? Autoimmune disorders, asthma? Prone to yeast infections and UTI's? This means you are LOW in HYDROCHLORIC acid. SOLUTION: GET BLOODWORK DONE TO SEE WHAT VITAMINS ARE OFF, EAT ACCORDING TO BLOOD TYPE


Products Sold At Spa:

Latisse $99 3oz
Babe lash: $55, Babelash mascara: $20

Vi Peel Skin Care products: Medical Strength (VERY STRONG)
Vitamin A (retinoic acid) concentrated .1% Treinoin Cream, Vitamin C and E : $70
Complete Care: Glycolic, Retinol, Azelaic acid for melasma, sunspots, tightening (all in one) and Vitamin C , Green Tea: $90

Sanitas and Vital Therapy too!

Tatoo Removal:

Small area: $39, 2 @ $69 |Business Card Size
Medium area: $70, 2 @ $130 |Dollar Bill Size
Large Area: $125, 2 @$240 |8x8 Inches
 2-10 Sessions average
 Contradictions: pregnancy, breast feeding, pregnancy, diabetes, lupus, tanned/sunburned two weeks, off antibiotics 3 days


15 units @ $112, $9 a unit after that or
20 units @ $149, $9 a unit after that.
Excessive underarm sweating: 100 units $700 ($1000 regular)
Dysport: $4.25 a unit (requires doulble the amount of botox)
Botox Parties (minumum of 4 people) Alcohol permitted after injections


Juvederm : $320 1/2 syringe
Juvederm Voluma: $570 per syringe cheeks

Volbella $400

Vollure $650 Lasts two years
Juvederm Plus, Ultra Plus and Belotero: $480 full syringe

NEW: Prp Injections $449 

(Helps dark circles, puffy eyes, thinning hair, lines on the sides of the face)



 (European, Cranberry, Papaya/Pineapple, Retinol, Glycolic, Anti-Aging, Vitamin C)

$49 or 3 Pack $135
Acne Teen Facial $55
Micro add on $12 per area, Chemical Peel Add on $12 per area



(Cranberry, Papaya/Pineapple) $59 or 3 @ $167, $12 Chemical Peel add on per Area


Chemical Peel

 (Glycolic, Jessner, Salicylic) $49 , 3 Pack $137
Includes face only, Micro add on $12 per area


Laser Hair Removal:
6 Sessions @ $99 or $25 each time choose from:Lip, Chin, Sideburns, Unibrow, Bikini Line, Ab Trail Line, Toes, Feet, Hands, Ears, Back of Neck, Underarms

6 sessions @ $149 or $50 each time face, brazillian, half arms, top of mans head, buttocks, mans head
6 Sessions @ $299 or 109$ each session Full Legs: $109 each session
6 Sessions @ $199 or $59 each session Half leg, Back, Chest, Stomach, arms


Derma Pen/Microneedling

 1@$75 per area (Face, Neck, Chest, Hands)


3 @ $159 can choose from face, neck, chest, hands

Around Eyes only $30

Upper Lip Lines only or in between eyebrows: $25
Micro add on $12 per Area

Numbing $20

Derma Pen lip: $20 lips lose volume or the years


Teeth Whitening

1 @ $80, Buy one get one free $120



 1 @ $69, 2 @ $99, 3 @ $ 159

|Choose from: face, hands, chest, neck

(NEW) Micro add on $12 PER AREA

Numbing $20

Derma Pen eyes: $30

Nose Capillaries only $25

Back: $100

 1/2 Back $69

Arms: $9

Half Arm $69

 Half Leg $100

Full Leg $200


Fractional Collagen Induction


(NEW) Micro Add on $12.

Numbing cream included

Photo facial add on $69