Belleza Spa

I would like to introduce Joanie Linn. Joanie has a beautiful gift as a spiritual Psychic Medium.

Face to face  and/ or Telephone Readings 

  • Pendulum Readins $35
  • Chakra balancing $35
  • Cleansing Home $150
  • 30 Minute reading $60
  • 60 Minute reading $100
  • One question: $15, 5 minutes​
  • Spiritual Business Consultant:
    • Want to make sure your on the right path?
    • Want to make sure your staff is performing at their highest potential?
    • Want to keep a growing positive cash flow?
    • Initial Consultation $100 for 60 minutes
      • Monthly staff assessments: $100 an hour


  • Each additional minute is $2 a minute

Useful links:

Please contact her for an appointment

Mention the spa for your $2 a minute special.

Centennial Location:
7200 E. Dry Creek #E105, Centennial, CO. 80112

Joanie Linn: Psychic-Medium

Some reasons to be interested in a reading:

  • Ensure that you are "on track"
  • Select the best path among several choices
  • Scan for health warnings (always see your physician too)
  • Provide alternatives to possibly help minimize the severity of unpleasant coming events
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Closure with a passed loved one
  • In a bad relationship
  • Clarity
  • Future plans with work, family, friends, life
  • Confusion with a part of your life
  • Problems at home in your marriage, children, family

About Your Reading:

You will provide Joanie with your birthdate

If doing a 30 minute reading think of  5 questions

If your doing a 60 minute reading think of 10 questions

While Joannie is doing a reading for you, she psychically reaches into your soul, pulls out your Chart, and then recites back to you those things you have already planned for yourself. There is nothing mysterious about this; it is simply her gift from God, one that she has perfected to a very high degree.

Joanie can verify your loved ones have made the transition to the Other Side and possibly tell you what signs you may get from them

She can also cover other aspects of your life (if you ask), including: Romance, Health, Finances, Career, Family, Relationships, and Spiritual Evolvement. To ensure that you get the full benefit from your reading, it is very important to write out your questions ahead of time.

Of course, at no time does Joanie want to control your life. You are totally in charge of your life, and should rely upon common sense, sound judgment, and the facts available to you as you make plans for your journey through this world. Look upon a psychic reading as getting directions for the journey ahead. You will still need to make that trip by yourself, and will confront all the difficulties that life presents, but at least you will have some sense that your direction is correct and there is a plan for all the craziness that you encounter. Also realize that there are many different ways to get from one place to another in your life. Joanie will outline one path, among many, for you to choose. 

In  Joanie's readings, she will begin by telling you what she sees in one specific area of your life and then you may ask questions regarding that area (have your questions ready). Next, she will move on to another area and again tell you what he sees and then allow you to ask questions concerning that area. It is very important to have your questions ready ahead of time, as once you have stated you are finished asking your questions, the reading is completed.

Melanie Menendez:  I never believed in Mediums until I met Joanie. She has been my client for several years now and it wasn't until a year ago that I started to really believe in her gift. 

She has helped me and my family  in several aspects of our my lives. We are more peaceful, grounded and happy because of her. Good Luck!